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Dissertation  Haptik am User Interface -  Interfacedesign in der zeitgenössischen Medienkunst  zwischen Sinnlichkeit und Schmerz Haptics at the User Interface - Interface design in contemporary media art  between sensuality and pain Media art works combine knowledge from different disciplines of research and art. This exchange of technical or even scientific research knowledge is an important part of the creative work of media artists. Sebastian Sprenger describes the creative executions in interface design and touch in art. He explores the question of the technical, art-theoretical, media-theoretical and -philosophical significance of the haptic touch of technical or artificial surfaces. It becomes clear that both the history of media art and the interdisciplinary development of the individual works bear witness to the process-oriented knowledge of the arts. https://www.transcript-verlag.de/978-3-8376-5134-8/haptik-am-user-interface/